What Blog?

“Did you open the link to my new blog I sent you?”

“What blog?” He said. “All I saw was a photo.”

“That’s my blog.” I said. “How do you like it?”

“It’s not a blog. It’s a photo. You have to write something Mom.”

“I have a lot to figure out… especially the technical. It’s going to be a travel blog. You know – I write about where I am.”

“That’ll be good, at least we’ll know where you are.”

“I always give you our itinerary.”

“But we never know that you got to where you say you’re going in an itinerary. A blog is supposed to be updated from time to time, like an ongoing conversation. You write. We comment.”

“That’s why I’m doing it. I like writing. And when I sent all those emails from China, I loved receiving the comments. It will be an adventure just to write and let it hang out there for the whole world on the web. A scary adventure, but just think of the possibilities. It’ll be a compilation of travel – questions I have, answers I’ve found, people we meet, books I’ve read, and food we’re eating. I’ll post some recipes I’ve learned, mini reviews of books I’ve read, photos, maybe even some of daddy’s sketches, some maps and link to other blogs and websites.  I’ll blog about what it’s like to blog. Then I’ll listen to what the world has to say.”

“By the way Mom, don’t you think it’s about time you and Dad gave up on those adventure type trips. Maybe you should stay around here.”

“Stay tuned. Staying around will happen soon enough.”