Nancy Hayes is a paediatric nurse by profession and a writer by avocation. “Weaving Threads Travels on the Silk Road” is written by Nancy and illustrated by her husband Ross Hayes, a retired architect and urban planner. Published  in April 2013 by Small Batch Books it is available at all major online bookstores. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Canadian Women for Woman in Afghanistan to advance education for women and their families.

“It is 1965. Nancy and Ross Hayes set off in their VW Beetle to realize Nancy’s childhood dream retracing Marco Polo’s exotic route along the Silk Road that connects Europe and the Far East. Through rugged mountain passes, blast-furnace deserts, crumbling cities and fertile valleys rimmed by snow capped peaks they are utterly captivated by the majestic landscape, the ancient cultures, the kind hearted people and, most of all, by each other. Halted by war and the Soviet Iron Curtain they are forced to return to Canada where forty years will pass before the intrepid travellers return to complete their Silk Road journey.”

Nancy’s short story “Salaam Aleikum: Peace to You” won the prize for non-fiction at the 2010 Surrey International Writers Conference and “Desert Coffee” was short listed at the 2009 conference. Readers are drawn into “Weaving Threads” by the setting and their wish to learn more about places such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq that are often the subject of today’s news.



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  1. Laurie (Maille) Hartley and Nova Maille says:

    Hello Nancy & Ross:

    I’m just sitting here with Dad after having received your note and Christmas Card. Dad was happy to receive your news and was especially pleased with the card noting the wonderful drawing and information provided on the back. We have taken a quick peek at your Travel Musings and it looks very interesting. I plan on going back and reading it completely when I have a little more time…after Christmas. Sounds like your family is doing well as we, in New Liskeard, are also. We received a nice card from Don and Jean and it sounds like they are doing well. Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.


  2. Nancy White says:

    Nancy, could you please email me. I work at a County Museum and Cultural Centre, and I am wondering if you do speaking tours, where you are located, etc.


  3. Frederick Taylor says:

    Hello Mrs Hayes
    Let me first of all introduce myself. I am Frederick Taylor a gr 8 social studies teacher in Cochrane Alberta. I was very interested in your book Weaving Threads. I too have traveled the Silk route or different components of it. Presently I teach social studies and part of the curriculum deals with the effects of the route on the Renaissance.
    I was wondering if you did speaking tours or if you would like to speak to my class regarding your journey and if you had slides, photos etc showing the different routes you and your husband took.
    I look forward to hearing from you and maybe discuss our different journeys and possibly hearing you speak to my class.

    Thank you,

    Frederick Taylor
    Manachaban Middle School
    Cochrane , AB
    403 932 2215


    • I would be delighted to visit/meet your class. We learn so much from children/teens. I’ll be in touch and could be available in the spring. Best wishes for a happy holiday season. Nancy Hayes


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