The Wonderful www.

Dear Travel Musings readers

This Travel Musings blog started as an experiment. I had finished the first draft of my manuscript about travelling the Silk Road but wanted to keep writing.  So on a cold, dark Saturday afternoon in Calgary last November my writing group friend, and master of blogging, Leanne Shirtliffe,,and I had coffee at the Good Earth Café where she helped me set up a web log on WordPress. Without thinking, I was suddenly launched into the whole wide world. The www.

It’s more fascinating and fun than the tech-less me could have dreamed.

Every morning I click on to my WordPress stats and there you are on the map. You have viewed Travel Musings 1,450 times, from thirty-one different countries and you keep me thinking/wondering about who you are and where you living. You also keep me writing.

Now it’s time for me to move from India Travel Musings to musing about places closer to my home. As one French writer said, travel is not the search for new sights but for a new way of seeing everything, old sights included. With this is mind as I visit new and old sights in Canada and the USA during the next three months, I’ll post a vignette every couple of weeks. So stay with me.

Perhaps you’d like to share your experiences about seeing a familiar sight close to your home. Do you recognize the places in these pictures?

I love reading your comments and emails. And I love to look at my WordPress world map every morning.


Best wishes


4 comments on “The Wonderful www.

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Nancy, the 1st sister
    Of course I recognize the “Three Sisters”!
    And I was warmed to also see you included a photo one of my favourite places here in my home Province, Greenwich National Park, Prince Edward Island.
    Did you know that the 2nd of double rainbows has its order of colours reversed? Clearly see in your great paddling photo.
    I love you postings and look forward to many more.
    The “2nd” sister


    • nancymhayes says:

      Three sisters…yes, you’ve got it. Faith ( Big ) Charity ( Middle) and Hope ( Little) . A beautiful site.

      And you’ve got it…..Greenwich National Park, PEI. One of my favourite places. Stayed tuned this month for more of this lovely place.

      No, I hadn’t noticed, or even knew, the reverse colours in the double rainbow. Thank you Carol. I’ll know next time.

      Congratulations. You deserve a big prize.

      Love Faith.


  2. Elena Aitken says:

    I love your musings, Nancy!
    You have such a fascinating life. 🙂
    Keep it coming.


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