Weaving Threads: Travels on the Silk Road

P1000335They’ve arrived!

My deepest gratitude is to the people I’ve met along the Silk Road who are the subject of this, my first book. Their generous hospitality, friendship and help, when we needed it are my inspiration.

“Weaving Threads: Travels on the Silk Road” by Nancy M. Hayes with drawings and photographs by Ross E. Hayes is now available in all major online bookstores and will be in local bookstores soon. Through rugged mountain passes, blast-furnace deserts, crumbling cities, and lush fertile valleys the reader will be captivated by the majestic landscape, the ancient cultures, and the kind hearted people. Halted by war in India and Pakistan and the Iron Curtain in 1965, we continue the Silk Road journey forty years later.

Nancy and her Beetle at the giant buddhas of Bamyian Afghanistan, 1965

Proceeds from the sale of “Weaving Threads: Travels on the Silk Road” will be donated to Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan to advance education for women and their families.

Enjoy the journey!



8 comments on “Weaving Threads: Travels on the Silk Road

  1. Judy gardner says:

    Congratulations Nancy
    Your book looks wonderful and I know it will br


  2. Jim and Sheila says:

    Hi Nancy, Will you be at the Trail Net AGM, June 1, and will you have copies of your book with you? Sheila


  3. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    I’m so excited for you and to get my copy! Congratulations!!!!


  4. Sarah says:

    Great news. I’m so excited.


  5. Tom Williams says:

    The photo of teh Giant Buda is so social. I really love it…What an experience…Thank you…


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